SISV Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers.
The SISV Academy was successfully registered with the Committee for Private Education in May 2017

Role of SISV Academy

The role of SISV Academy includes research and development, education and training as well as publication of relevant materials. The Academy will be operated in compliance with the relevant authorities’ guidelines such as the Private Education Regulations by the Committee for Private Education (CPE).


The SISV Academy is expected to offer a steady stream of training and educational courses for the Institute and it will be preparing to conduct courses in construction, real estate, finance and built environment industries over the short to medium term.

The SISV Academy will be launching the course on “ Diploma in Property and Facility Management ”. This is a Real Estate course in Property and Facility management of the Buildings. Students who have graduated from this Diploma course would be equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills in this specific area. These Diploma holders would also be in a better position for more job opportunities as well as prospect in the advancement of their career and this is crucial amidst an increasingly competitive and tough business environment.

Our target students registering for this Diploma course would include members of the Institute who are in the property management practice as well as those in our real estate fields such as valuation and estate agency or other related professionals who are interested to enter the field of property management works.

In addition, the SISV Academy is planning to include other Certificate and Diploma courses in the construction and built environment sectors. These would include the Certificate Course in Geospatial Technology to be conducted by trainers in the Land Surveying Division.