About Document Submission and Process

Due care and effort would be made to address the requirements for submission, where applicable and necessary.

The Academy would aim to include a course documentation process which would necessarily entail a critical review of the course, a definitive course documentation and internal review documentation.

Conditions of Approval

The SISV Academy may grant approval to a course for up to five years, but shorter periods maybe appropriate where further development or other changes in the course are expected. Courses are granted approval subject to conditions and approval by the SISV Academy. The SISV Academy reserves the right to withdraw approval where conditions are not fulfilled.

Engagement and Deployment of Teachers

The SISV Academy would ensure a proper and systemic procedure on the engagement of teachers and trainers, selection process of the teachers to the course and modules and followed by the deployment of the teachers.

Guidelines by the Examination Board

The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that all students are evaluated in accordance with the examination procedure and guidelines set by the Examination Board of the SISV Academy. This procedure covers all the activities set and stipulated by the Examination Board.

Modes of Assessment

Module requirements typically cover several modes of assessment. They include tutorial presentations, projects, essays and examinations. All Grades will be carefully reviewed by the Examination Board before they are submitted to the Academic Board for approval.